2023 was a year filled with vibrant colours, laughter, and a renewed sense of connection. Concert venues echoed with cheers, theatres buzzed with excitement, and people rediscovered the simple joy of being together.

Beyond the surface revelries, 2023 emerged as the year of embracing girlhood.

Girlhood, encapsulating the essence of being a girl and celebrating femininity, became a haven of joy and nostalgia. Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” took the lead, dominating the box office, claiming the title of the year’s highest-grossing film, and making waves on social media. 

Fans turned the mundane theater experience into a vibrant spectacle, trading ordinary outfits for an all-pink ensemble, paying homage to Barbie’s iconic fashion. The influence of Barbie didn’t stop at the screen; it seeped into every aspect of life, becoming a symbol of creativity and community.

Simultaneously, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour added to the collective celebration of girlhood. Expected to cross the billion-dollar mark and potentially become the highest-grossing tour ever, Swift’s tour sparked various trends. Inspired by Swift’s lyrics, fans started making friendship bracelets, a nostalgic gesture that spilled beyond The Eras Tour, influencing other concerts like Beyonce, Harry Styles, and Ed Sheeran. The bracelets became a symbol of connection, reminiscent of the simple joys of girlhood.

Television mirrored this girlhood focus, with popular shows like “The Summer I Turned Pretty” captivating TikTok and television audiences alike. These shows celebrated femininity and love, trending on their respective streaming platforms.

Adding to the mix were the everyday moments like “girl dinner,” “hot girl walks,” and the cozy intimacy of “get ready with me” videos. These trends infiltrated social media platforms, turning the ordinary into something magical.

Let’s carry forward the spirit of girlhood that 2023 has taught us—a celebration of strength and beauty in all its glory. As 2023 comes to an end, let’s close our eyes, take a breath, and feel.