call to actions you should be using

Call to actions can be the most important part of your post or email. It is what drives your audience to click, save, sign up, purchase, and all of the above. And after all, that’s what you want right? Whether it you trying to entice a customer to make a purchase, or just even engage with your post, having the call to actions that draw them in are key.

We know coming up with call to actions for your posts or emails can be hard, and after awhile even draining. That’s why we have created a list of different calls to action for a variety of platforms.

Social Platforms:

  • “Double tap if..”
  • “Share this post with a friend”
  • “Save this post”
  • “DM us with any questions”
  • “Click link in bio”
  • “Like, comment, share if”
  • “Watch our stories for..”


  • “Limited time only”
  • “Expiring soon”
  • “Subscribe today for % off”
  • “While supplies last”
  • “One-time offer”