Are you new to TikTok? Or just trying to find a way to grow your following or make your videos go viral? Maybe not even viral, you just might want more views overall. 

Well, are you using trending sounds? To win the love of the algorithm and have it work in your favour, you need to have trending sounds on your videos. It’s just that simple.

So, how do you find the best trending sounds for your videos? We have created a list of tips to help you navigate this crazy TikTok world and find sounds that match your videos and profile.

  1. Scroll your For You Page. These will be videos curated for you, but also are there because of the algorithm.
  2. Use the TikTok search bar and search “Viral Sounds”
  3. Browse Tiktok’s sound library
  4. Use Tiktok’s creative center
  5. Use external websites to find trending sounds. One website you can use is Tok Board which posts each week’s most viral sounds.
  6. Go to Spotify’s TikTok playlists. These playlists usually have the most popular music from the app.
  7. Try out YouTube. This is a great resource to search for trending sounds. Simplifying typing in “trending TikTok sounds” will bring you many options.