Not your dad’s tumbler – Or is it?

Open any social media platform, and it won’t take you long to stumble upon someone casually sipping from their Stanley – whether it’s during a “get ready with me,” a grocery haul, or just a chill day. What might seem like a casual accessory has become a viral sensation, with the hashtag #StanleyTumbler amassing over 10 million views on TikTok alone.

But here’s the twist: Stanley isn’t a newcomer to the scene. This brand, with more than a century under its belt, has become the cool kid on the block, and it’s not just a comeback; it’s a testament to the power of influencer marketing, the dynamics of social media influence, and the unexpected revival of an iconic brand.

Stanley’s Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler, once used mainly by workmen and outdoorsmen, has found a new identity in the vast landscape of social media. In a world dominated by sleek, trendy water bottles, the Stanley Tumbler isn’t just holding beverages; it’s holding its own.

Not too long ago, water bottle choices were personal but not widely debated. However, with the rise of influencers and the TikTok era, what you drink from became a part of your personal brand. Nalgene had its moment, Hydro Flask became a VSCO girl essential, and quirky hourly reminder bottles were embraced by the creative crowd.

In this diverse landscape, the Stanley Tumbler emerged, not through conventional marketing channels but through the organic reach of influencers.  TikTok, the platform known for propelling trends to viral stardom, played a significant role in the Stanley Tumbler’s resurgence. The short video format allowed users to showcase not just their drinks but their lifestyle, creating a visual narrative around the Stanley Tumbler. 

Stanley, a brand rooted in tradition, found itself embraced by a generation that thrives on the new, the cool, and the unexpected. The brand’s Instagram page, once a showcase for rugged outdoor gear, transformed into a colorful gallery of Stanley Tumblers in various settings. The 110-year-old company pivoted from targeting workmen and outdoor enthusiasts to becoming a staple in the everyday lives of millennial and Gen Z women.

In a world where trends change as quickly as a TikTok video, Stanley stands as a timeless reminder that even the oldest brands can find their place in the spotlight. Cheers to that!