The welcome series email automation is one of the most powerful email automations that your business can set-up. The sequence consists of several emails, usually sent over a number of days. You can send out an introductory email to new subscribers, followed by a series of emails on how to use your product or service.

So, let’s create an awesome welcome flow for email campaigns that will keep your audience engaged and coming back.

Our Tips For creating An Awesome Welcome Flow:

  1. A great subject line that they can’t ignore – Pull your audience in by something that intrigues them
  2. Make the email personal to the – Include their name, any other personal information you may have from their email sign up. Products they may specifically be interested in.
  3. Offer a discount or special offer – This is always a bonus and people love when they are given a discount right away to use.
  4. Timing is everythingEnsure you are sending your welcome email after they signed up for your newsletter. Not days later, and don’t send too many emails. You don’t want to overwhelm them right away either.
  5. Keep it casualYou just met! Don’t be too pushy with your sales tactics.
  6. Stay on brand with the rest of your email campaigns – Your welcome flow emails should match the same brand and tone of the rest of your emails you are sending. You want to stay consistent within all of your campaigns.