So, you’re ready to launch your new website but before you do that have you gone through your launch checklist? There are 6 steps you should always complete before having your website go live.

  1. Test every linkEnsure each link actually works, and links to the correct page.
    1. Proofread all your contentThe last thing you want is to find spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your content once it’s gone live.
      1. Optimize all your images and ensure they are in the correct format – You want your website to be designed beautifully, and having pixelated images just isn’t it. Make sure your pictures are the correct format and size for your pages.
        1. Preview your website on your mobile deviceMobile optimization is a must. With how much we use our phones now, you need to make sure your website is created to give the best mobile experience possible.
          1. Test any forms you may have on your website – If you are looking to have your audience complete any sort of form on your website, it is pivotal that you test your forms beforehand to ensure that they are correct.
            1. Add all your social media linksYou want your audience to visit your social channels, so add each channel and double check all handles are correct ahead of time as well.