Are you having a hard time creating content for your brand? Unsure of what to post next?

Social media pillars are a great way to help you plan and execute on content. It allows you to pick exactly what kind of content you are going to produce for your audience. The pillars focus on three different topics that you can branch content off of that feeds your audience’s desire.

Here are 3 popular pillars you can use when creating content for your brand.


Teach your audience something, or help them solve a problem. This information should provide some sort of value to followers.


Promote your business in some way, shape, or form. But don’t just give a sales pitch, be unique and show how your brand is different from the rest.


Create content that is on trend and fun for your audience to engage with. This allows your brand to show its playful side and humanizes your business. This is where you can resonate with your audience, and show them you aren’t just throwing a sales pitch constantly in their face.