The battle between WordPress and Squarespace, a tale old as time. So, which one do you pick? Well, that depends on what your business needs its website for.

We are breaking down the differences between the two platforms, and the benefits of each so that you can make a choice that works for your business.

Why you should choose Squarespace:

  • You don’t want to be overwhelmed with website maintenance
  • You would like beautiful and clean DIY templates
  • You’re looking for a more user friendly website platform
  • You may need customer support, which Squarespace offers a live chat option that comes in handy
  • You want to combine your website with your email marketing (Squarespace offers this)

Why you should choose WordPress:

  • You want more versatility in your platform
  • You want to have more control over your website design
  • Your website can grow with the size of your business
  • Access to over 55,000 different plugins for your website
  • Full SEO with plugins